We have Moved!

We've moved-01When I started this blog, I never imagined it would grow this big. I started writing as a hobby and slowly it has turned into something awesome. Because of my writing, I have met amazing people and interacted with people I wouldn’t otherwise know. I have even had the pleasure to speak to people on marriage and relationships.

This blog kept me going when I lost my baby. Regardless of how I’m feeling, happy or sad, I keep writing. I have found comfort in you my readers and for that I thank you.  And just like the tagline of this blog says, “Everyday, in every way I’m becoming better”. Indeed I am a better person than when I started writing.

I have big news today. Drum-rolls please. This news is too big for you to be seated, so, all rise. We are moving! We have been on this WordPress bed-sitter for quite some time but now we’re moving to a 4 bed roomed house. www.wanjirukihusa.com is our new home. It’s pretty and awfully spacious master en-suite 🙂

Join us in our new home. Drop your questions or comments on info@wanjirukihusa.com or wanjiru@wanjirukihusa.com . Thank you!


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