Working wife/mom: Freelance Writing

Before I proceed with today’s piece, let me deal with the elephant in the room; my not blogging for a month. Thanks to all asked why I’ve been so quiet.  I promise you am not sleeping on my job and I wasn’t away just to see who missed me 🙂 I wish I could say I was doing research as promised in my last article (cough) but I’d be lying and my mother taught me better. The truth is, I’m pregnant. Yes, you read right. Ever heard that 1st trimester is crazy? It’s True! This past month I have been dealing with nausea, heartburn, loss of appetite and serious fatigue. Did I mention that my face looks like that of a teenager, full of pimples? Thank God my self-esteem is still intact 🙂 Let’s just say I have a new-found respect for all mothers.

Moving on to today’s topic.freelance2

As soon as I wrote my last piece on being a working wife/mom, I got a number of emails from ladies who are looking for a way to make some money but be there for their families. Most of these were not married which encouraged me deeply that many women are conscious of the high calling that is motherhood and want to do something about it. Two of those emails were from married women who shared their experience on motherhood as well as having an income. Great advice which I will share with you.

Today I will share about my friend Julie Opondo. Julie is married and has been doing freelance writing since 2008. Her husband works in Uganda and she moved with him and has been making good money through her writing.

About a month ago, she wrote me a note to let me know she had written 2 books on Freelance Writing and asked if I would like to review them. I said I’d be extremely honored. She sent me the e-books and I had an amazing time reading them. Now, I have always wanted to start freelance writing but every time I start, I get too overwhelmed by the websites offering work. Some ask for a registration fee and it feels like a con, others have too much info you don’t know where to start. Just when I was about to give up, Julie came through with her great insight!

The 1st book is called How to make money online in Kenya writing articles. It is well written, simple and easy to understand. No jargon that throws you off, just clear, concise English. The moment I began reading it I could see how this lady writes for a living. She details where to get online writing jobs even listing specific websites and explaining what each site requires. She goes on to explain how to put together your online portfolio and explains mistakes online writers make and how to avoid them.

I learnt so much from this book I began doing some online work myself! This book was going for $ 24.99 only but there is a limited offer of $ 19.99 going on now. Unbelievable! Trust me, if you want to go into freelance writing, this book is worth every penny.freelance1

The 2nd book is called: 5 Proven ways to withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya. This book is a BONUS, as in it comes FREE with the first book. Am not kidding. Check it out here. It gives step by step instructions on registering with Paypal, managing your money and how to access that money easily. Most people in business will agree that E-commerce is where we are all headed and knowing how to transact using Paypal is a huge step in the right direction.

If you are talented in writing and need some money, do something about it. I knew people who used write in campus and make enough money to even contribute to their fees payment. Are you jobless yet you are gifted in writing? Start writing, it will sharpen your skill and give you a source of income. You start out small and you grow. Julie started out writing for several clients now she has a writing business of her own.

Before I forget, to get these books click on the Freelance Writing link on the right side of this blog. You can also check out Julie’s site here.

I know not everyone is gifted in writing. Some people have to outsource even their cover letters, and there is nothing wrong with not being able to write. I’m sure there is something else you can do with ease.  Everyone has an area of expertise. Look for ways to make money out your skill.

I’m still doing research on other business ideas for stay-at-home moms and will share as I learn. Feel free to give your input, drop me an email on


8 thoughts on “Working wife/mom: Freelance Writing

  1. Congrats 🙂 🙂 :)! That’s really lovely news!
    Welcome to the world of motherhood, I pray for you and wish you God’s abundant blessings as you begin the journey. Keep us updated. Oh and about that 1st trimester…try eating ginger, it’s said to alleviate that nausea. It worked for me -i munched on ginger biscuits.
    And congrats too to Julie for her good work as an author and for the tips she shares in her books.

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