A Year down the line..and a trip to Beautiful Malindi

When you have been married 1 year, you expect the sun to shine a little brighter, the moon to be bigger – OK that’s too much. You expect the universe to take note of your huge achievement. But the universe has a cruel sense of humor. It goes on like nothing happened. So you pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you’re still special..

I know all you who have been married for much longer are wondering what I’m going on about. I salute those who’ve done 7, 10 even 20 years. When I grow up I want to be you 🙂

For me though, 1 year is an amazing thing. I walked into marriage with some anxiety, even fear. This is one of those times where you have absolutely no experience. I had heard a lot stuff about marriage, most of it negative so I went into it with a lot of faith. A year down the line I can say it was a great decision. Am happy. It has not been without challenges but it has been a great ride. God has kept us really well.

So, what do people do for their 1 year anniversary?  Have a bash? Go for a vacation? Quiet dinner, that sounds reasonable. Ours was a bit unconventional so to speak. Here’s why:

On the day of our anniversary, I had traveled to shags to see my mum who had not been feeling well. As soon as I got back, my husband traveled to Lagos for work. I was beginning to think there would be no celebration. I was at least hoping for a nice dinner.

So I was pleasantly surprised when my husband one day said, “When I get back from Lagos, let’s go some place nice”

Trying not to sound too excited, I asked “Really?”

“Yeah. Sure. Let’s go to Malindi”

I didn’t hear what he said next. The cheering noises in my head blocked everything else.

So, last week, I took the entire week off and we headed to Malindi. I’d never been there before so it was a big deal for me! I had heard a lot about it and I must admit it was worth all the hype.

Scorpio Villas

I usually don’t write about places I’ve been to but this one deserves special mention. Scratch that..it deserves a standing ovation (all rise)

Scorpio Villas came highly recommended by a close friend of ours and it totally lived to our expectations. It is extremely beautiful, the food is great and the staff are so friendly and attentive. From the moment you walk in to the time you check out, this place leaves you very impressed.

I hear a picture is worth a thousand words so I will leave you to judge for yourself just how amazing Scorpio is.

Path to the rooms

Path to the rooms

Notice the water underneath?

Notice the water underneath?

Scorpio Villas - private beach

Scorpio Villas – private beach


Next time you want to head to Malindi for vacation, you have got to stay here. Disclaimer :Scorpio is not paying me to write all these nice things about them. I promise 🙂 If you doubt my review, drop by TripAdvisor and see what other people have said.

Here is a toast to marriage. And to many more anniversaries..and hopefully many more visits to Malindi 🙂


8 thoughts on “A Year down the line..and a trip to Beautiful Malindi

  1. Was at Scorpio Villas in 2011. That place is Malindi’s greatest treasure and its best kept secret! It’s simply…magical. Great design and architecture, very relaxing environment, friendly staff, awesome food, high standards….and all this at very reasonable prices. I hope it maintains these standards…and prices! 🙂

  2. I stood up at the “standing ovation” part. Getting to the end, I was glad I obeyed. Many of such to you two (no, you are now one)

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