To have and to hold: Introduction

I’d like to thank you for all the amazing feedback you’ve been giving. Some people agree with me others don’t and that is OK – I appreciate your honesty. We do not only grow through compliments, constructive criticism is equally necessary. I’m honored to be learning from you.

I realize I’ve been pretty tough in my previous posts never mind feelings what are the facts and soul mate vs sole mate – finding the one. I don’t mean to disqualify the fact that there is someone special who will make you feel amazing. I have one too 🙂

In this regard, I’d like to talk about the people we love, those we are dating, those we are engaged to and even those we are married to! We need to see the value they add into our lives (if any) and how best to proceed.

to have and to hold2 I’m I getting a raw deal? Does he deserve my love and attention? Am I giving too much? Is this someone I’d marry-or be married to? These are questions everyone (OK, everyone is an extreme, let say most people) asks at some point in life.

Let me use myself as an example. I’ve had many people ask me, why did you get married to Andrew? (Yes, that is the name of my husband). How come you didn’t settle for anyone else?  Just to mention here, I’ve had my fair share of crushes and been in a few relationships.

I’m not talking about those relationships we had when we were young and naïve –assuming now we’re older and wise :-). I’m talking about those people we’ve had in our lives when we are mature and can tell a great connection when we see it.

There are many ways to know you have a keeper. There are equally many red flags to know when to run and not look back.  Till death do us part is a pretty long time to stay with someone so it’s important to get the right person to say that to. Of course there are factors that are out our control like what the future holds and we have to trust that all will be well. Nonetheless, the importance of getting the right person cannot be stressed enough.

to have and to holdThis is the introduction of some things to look into when thinking of taking your relationship to the next, presumably higher level.

To have and to hold: When NOT to marry is coming up soon. Stay tuned -I’ve always wanted to say that 🙂


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