It’s not enough to say sorry

Every now and then I come across a quote that leaves me thinking hard (kudos to ones who come up with those thought provoking quotes). Now, here is one of them.

I have learned that sometimes ‘sorry’ is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change. Claire London

The moment I saw this I cringed with guilt. The truth always hits hard, doesn’t it? When you have hurt someone and you apologize, you figure that’s good enough. You reason out, ‘At least I have apologized. Some people don’t even say sorry’. And with that you end up feeling pretty good about yourself. After all, you are better than most people, huh?

But if you honestly think about this quote, you’re as bad as most people. It’s not enough just to apologize. You have to change the way you treat people. If you hurt someone with something you said, you have to change and start being cautious with what you say.

Now, the test comes when you are living with someone. It could a roommate, family member or spouse. You see, it’s one thing when you meet someone once in a while and it’s another thing altogether if they’re all up in your space. Your spouse/roommate knows you haven’t changed one bit because they spend so much time with you. They know when you’ve said sorry just to get it over with.

When you say ‘I’ll be more patient, I’ll treat people with respect’ your roommate will be the first to test your patience! On the positive side though, they will notice when you change. People can tell when you become better. Think about it…if your colleague is always taking your pen (and never remembers to return it) then one day she buys a pen and even begins to lend it out, you are bound to notice!

So here’s the lesson for the day: Get around to being that better person you’ve been planning to be. Bring those New Year’s resolutions to life! Treat people well. When you hurt someone go ahead and say sorry and mean it. The only way they know you meant it is if you treat them better next time.


12 thoughts on “It’s not enough to say sorry

  1. This is a gud one! My resolution this year is to minimise my Sorry!! To 20% even avoiding rubbing shoulders in human traffic in the streets then saying the usual sorry when u r a meter away!!

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